Activate the Stripe service to collect payments on behalf of third parties

The Particeep Plug solution allows you to activate a payment service to automate fundraising linked to subscriptions:

  • Insurance premium
  • subscription fees
  • commissions for intermediaries
  • deposits in connection with the creation of bank accounts

Particeep therefore offers through Stripe collection for third parties. Stripe is approved by the ACPR

You can allow customers to pay at once or in installments per

  • Bank card
  • direct debit

Particeep has negotiated preferential rates with its partner Stripe:

  • payment by credit card, VISA: 1% + 0.16 €
  • Sepa direct debit: 0.1% + € 0.9

Transaction costs are paid by the customer

Particeep Plug and Stripe how does it work?

  • Particeep validates the eligibility of the service in your country.
  • Particeep takes care of the creation of the account which wishes to collect the funds with Stripe. Several documents can be requested at this stage and several iterations related to compliance can be carried out. Our account manager will list the documents to be provided according to your activity and the means of payment chosen.
  • Particeep then connects your Stripe account to your subscription route according to the methods chosen.
  • Particeep performs functional tests of your account to ensure the correct distribution of flows according to your activity.

What are the advantages for you?

  • You have a white label payment solution and do not need to carry out additional IT development
  • You have preferential rates lower than the rates offered by default by Stripe
  • Your price will decrease with the volumes produced
  • Particeep manages for you the collection of funds, the management of the account and is the privileged interlocutor with Stripe
  • You can at any time request an extract of your activity from Particeep for audits

For any questions, contact our support

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