How is Particeep GDPR Compliant

This article details how Particeep is GDPR compliant.

Particeep has put in place several procedures to guarantee its customers :

  • GDPR compliant solutions
  • protection of data used via the Particeep API

How Particeep is GDPR compliant

We have implemented several actions related to the main provisions of the GDPR directive :

  1. Harmonized framework and extra-territorial application: Particeep fits into this framework.
  2. Explicit and positive consent : on our white label platforms, users fufill a KYC using checkboxes when they register. A user can not create an account without checking this KYC.
  3. Right to erasure : any request for erasure is made during the day. The data can also be erased by the client and the administrator according to their respective spaces.
  4. The right to portability of data : this is an essential point of our API.
  5. Customer profiling : on our white label platforms, the customer is warned when the latter is profiled. For API users, i.e not our white label platform, the responsibility for this prior validation in their client interfaces.
  6. The principles of data protection from the default design and security : Particeep uses the latest security standards (modern framework, https, passwords encrypted in database, hashing data, etc ...). In addition, our solution has been audited by Econocom's digital security teams and the slopes are regularly completed.
  7. Notifications in case of data leakage : to date this has never happened. If there is a problem with the Particeep API, customers are notified automatically
  8. The mandatory appointment of a data protection officer : Given the size of Particeep this is a role played by our technical director and our hosting provider Clevercloud which is also GDPR compliant.
  9. Privacy impact study : our teams work on writing documents in-house
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