Particeep Plug and security

Particeep is listed among essential outsourced services in several banks and insurance companies including: Société Générale, Crédit Agricole et Crédit Mutuel Arkéa for example.

On what criteria was Particeep audited ?

The following points have been audited and the results are satisfying:

Security obligations
Physical and environmental security
Asset management
Operational safety
Access control
Communications security
Acquisition, development and maintenance of information systems
Information security incident management
Information security aspects in business continuity management
Relations with third party suppliers
Regarding our application, we respect the OWASP standards (Open Web Application Security Project).  

Connect Particeep Plug and the IS

Case 1: I don't have API and my processes are not digitized 

  • You make the paper documentation available to Particeep
  • Particeep replicates your product in its API ; the offer thus becomes accessible in an open and secure infrastructure
  • You use the space provided by Particeep to configure your subscription journeys
  • Your processes remain unchanged

Case 2: I have APIs or webservices 

  • You make the technical documentation available
  • Particeep takes care of integrations with the Plug solution
  • You use the backoffice provided by Particeep to configure your subscription routes
  • Your processes remain unchanged

Case 3: How to recover customer data in the Plug solution?

Particeep gives you access to its API.

  • You can directly make requests to the API to retrieve the desired data but this requires IT development on your part.
  • It is possible for Particeep to automate the recovery of the desired data via a secure URL by setting up a personalized webhook.

You provide Particeep with a flat file template(csv) with the desired data and format.

  • Particeep implements an automated generation process for this flat file which will be consumed by your systems. No development is required on your part.
Regarding the authentication criteria, we respect the authentication delegation standards via Oauth 1 and 2 or the macaroons for decentralized authentication.

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