Interfacing a third-party application with the Particeep API

Particeep offers white-label subscription solutions to financial services based on a Rest API.

During the subscription phase, several data are collected via the API:
  • customer data and documents
  • partner data and documents
  • product-related data and documents
  • data and documents related to transactions
This data must often be sent to internal management systems or to depositaries to automate post-transaction processing.
To do this, it is necessary to connect the Particeep API to the third-party solution.
Data can be sent:
  • via email
  • via automatic workflow
  • via request from the Particeep API.

How to interface a third-party solution with the Particeep API?

2 solutions are available:
  • make requests directly to the Particeep API with your key / secret
  • recover a flat file (csv or text) via an export from your admin back-office to then consume it in the third-party solution

How to make requests to the Particeep API?

Nothing coulb be easier! Particeep provides interactive documentation accessible via this link:
You can start your first requests via this tutorial:
Good to know :
For any questions, please contact our team at

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