Configure your Particeep Plug solution

To configure your Plug solution, you must prepare several elements 

Administrator email

  • Email of the person in charge of the solution
  • Phone number

Graphic charter: 

  • Logo (ideally 50px in height) and Favicon in 32x32 format
  • Color codes (3 main colors)
  • Text font
  • Specific model if possible

The subscription process:

  • Sections (titles…)
  • Subsections
  • Mandatory and non-mandatory questions (data and documents) to be completed
  • Management rules and conditions on issues and steps

Product documentation

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • A model of the presentation page of the offer to distribute (Particeep offers customizable models)
  • All marketing and legal documents in PDF format (special conditions…)
  • The Terms Of Service

Documents to sign

  • The quote model or contract document in docx format to pre-fill and sign

The choice of payment system

The commercial proposal

Account opening subscription solution P&C Insurance and borrower underwriting solution Credit subscription solution
  • Calculation formula pricing or webservice access
  • Product offer details
  • Proposal for additional offers
  • Premium calculation   formula or webservice access
  • Details of accessible guarantees and exclusions
  • Comparison
  • Proposal for additional offers
  • Formula for calculating the commercial proposal or webservice access
  • (Option) activation of borrower insurance
  • Proposal for additional offers
  • Data sharing via API Rest (Json) or Flat file (Csv)

    • To be discussed with IT teams during the kickoff
    • For further information, consult this document.

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