Create your tailor-made solution with Particeep

Particeep offers white label platforms for subscription to:

  • Unlisted securities (debt, capital, bonds)
  • Listed securities (UCITs funds)
  • Banking products (account opening, loans subscriptions)
  • Insurance products (life and non-life insurance contracts)
If you want to deploy a subscription platform to supports not covered by Particeep (donations, peer to peer lending or other), you can use the Particeep API to develop your custom platform.
You have to :
  • Subscribe to a basic license  (no set-up costs)
  • Use our financial and non-financial business micro services via our Rest API
  • Develop your custom user interfaces.
You need :
  • Front end developers (react, php. or other). Our API is compatible with any web language
Particeep offers dedicated technical support throughout the integration phase of our Rest API 
Particeep provides you with a back office to manage your API data
For further information :

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